[98th Cruise Report] Experience of Being a War Reporter- Mr. Tsuyoshi Nojima


“We don’t expect the war, but if there is a war, I will always be ready to report. I will never escape.”


Mr. Nojima was a war reporter. This time he is going to share his experiences in the Iraq War with the American army.

When you are in battle, daily life is totally different. For example, before you sleep, you need to dig a hole as big as yourself. Therefore you can lie down at night to avoid being hit by a missile. However, the army has to move every day. So he need to dig a hole every day. The first time, he spent a whole day digging a hole for himself. At the end, it only took him 15 minutes to finish. Sometimes we said as a joke: You dig your grave every day. Sadly, it might be true. Because if you die in the war, the hole will be the only place your body can stay.

Eating is another big thing. He thought the army will have dried food and bread for every meal. Instead, the food they had was in a bag. When you opened it, it heated directly. It could be spaghetti any other food. The first time he tried it, to his surprise, it felt like having a meal in Starbucks.

As a reporter, they are willing to take the risk to report in the war. Not only because they believed the audience has the right to know, but also to convey the importance of peace, hoping there will be no more war. Therefore, standing as a neutral role is really important. Also, even though he is age 50, he is still willing to report on war in the frontline if needed.