Having sailed past glaciers in the Arctic Circle, the passengers onboard Peace Boat’s 91st cruise were treated to


an even more impressive sight:


A massive iceberg on the ocean!






The expression “tip of the iceberg” is no exaggeration. Did you know that what we can see is only the small

fraction of the iceberg that protrudes above the surface of the water?

The submerged portion of the iceberg is often 7 to 10 times larger!

As the ship approached the iceberg, passengers saw subtle shifts in its colour. As more and more of it was

revealed, the onboard community was stunned by its size and beauty;

it was much more impressive than anyone had imagined.







Thrilled by the rare and spectacular view that they had just witnessed,

some passengers remarked on the unique possibilities that only ship-travel could offer.






Peace Boat’s 91st around-the-world cruise is still underway.


What other amazing experiences will our passengers have by the time they disembark?