Procedure for Obtaining Refund in the Event of Nonperformance

Applicable to all Cruise Packages booked with Japan Grace Co., Ltd. where the Passenger embarks in a port in the USA.

These are the instructions on how to obtain a refund in the event of nonperformance of transportation.

“Nonperformance of Transportation” means cancelling or delaying a voyage by three (3) or more calendar days, if the passenger elects not to embark on the delayed voyage or a substitute voyage offered by the passenger vessel operator.

In the event of Nonperformance of Transportation, the Passenger may submit a claim for a full refund of all monies paid, including cruise fare, any onboard packages and government fees and taxes.

Refund claims for Nonperformance of Transportation must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation, including the booking confirmation and/or cruise ticket, proof and amount of payment, the cancellation or delay notice, and be sent to Japan Grace Co., Ltd. at the following address:

Japan Grace Co., Ltd.
Takadanobaba 1-32-13
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0075

It is recommended that claims are sent by registered delivery or courier service with delivery confirmation. Valid refund claims will be paid within 180 days.