~94th Global Cruise Highlight~ Cruising through Sognefjord


The most exciting highlight of the Northern Europe voyage is cruising through Sognefjord! The weather is not the best but the clouds over the trees and the snow on the mountains far in the distance create a beautiful and fantastic view.

Ocean Dream slowly cruises through Sognefjord that is 204km long and reaches a maximum depth of 1308m. It is one of the largest fjords in the world, and the longest and deepest in Europe.



The narrowest area of the fjord is flanked by high mountains.

“The mountain is higher than the Tokyo Skytree!” shouts an excited voice amazed by the mountains towering 1000m above the ship.



Passengers enjoy watching the ship’s wake blend into the scenery. Some people are taking photos, and others enjoy playing football and golf with the magnificent fjords in the background.