95th Highlights: A world where all genders are accepted ~Modern Cuban history and gender~


24th Oct. 2017

In Cuba, there is a large movement to promote not only the rights of women and children, but also awareness of gender identity. The National Center for Sex Education leads this change, and vice president Manuel Vazquez Seijido was aboard Peace Boat to talk about sex education in Cuba after the revolution.

“Through the Cuban Revolution, the biggest fundamental, historic, and cultural change was an introduction of policies regarding gender, sexual orientation, and the body.” Spanish influence in Cuba left a society rooted in male dominance, and distain for homosexuality. “The first authoritarian pronouncement that homosexuality is not a disease was made in 1979. However, despite a change in laws, culture does not change quickly, and discrimination still persists.” Manuel emphasized the need to keep working on these issues. He finished his talk with the message that “Cuba is a socialist country, and we must eliminate discrimination of minorities. It is important to move forward with a focus on human rights.”