[98th Cruise Report] Learn from Middle Eastern Music


Peace Boat is not only about fun, but also about learning something new and fabulous. Our first Mizuan (Guest educator) is from Taiwan, Mr. Chun-Jen Ma.

Mr. Ma was a reporter for many major international issues. He has visited Arabic cultural centers like Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia since 2007, and during this time he gained much knowledge on Middle Eastern percussion instruments and music culture.  Then, he realized teaching through the music is much more influential than filming serious documentaries.

This time he played the Middle Eastern music through with his tabla drum, bringing the sound of desert on board with us.

He has a dream that one day he could go back to Syria and perform for refugees who have lost their musical culture because of the war.


#What is a Mizuan? (Guest Educator, Literal Translation, Navigator)

Artists, journalists, musicians, writers, NGO activists, scholars and a variety of people from different backgrounds are invited onboard to act as ‘navigators’ for Peace Boat participants. These guest educators help bring us closer to the people and places we are visiting, and shed light on a broad range of issues in these areas.