[98th Cruise Report]Be a Family on Board


As of today, we’ve been sailing for exactly one month. Some of us are missing our families.

Don’t be sad! From today we are going to form an onboard family.

We had an “OnBoard family event” at noon. The host assigned groups of people to become families no matter their ages or what countries they’re from. Therefore, your family members might from different places than you, or your father might be younger than you! We can also make friends after forming our onboard families.

The host creating a family

This is Chris’s family. Chris is from the US and his wife, Tiffany, is from Taiwan. They have five daughters. Three of them are from Japan, one is from China and one from Taiwan. Chris said happily that he loves children a lot. Now suddenly he has five daughters!

This is Kim Chul Whan’s family, the father is from Korea and the mother is from Taiwan. They have one son from Hong Kong and three daughters from Japan. The youngest daughter is 58-years-old. She is actually much older than their son.