[98th Cruise Report]Sail to the Americas!

July 10-13th

After leaving the North Pole, we sailed through the Atlantic to the Americas. First, we stopped in two ports in North America: Halifax, Canada and New York, U.S.A.!

Halifax is famous for many reasons. If you are a big fan of Titanic, you might know the real Titanic actually sunk near this port. Many people from this area tried to rescue them. Also, you might know Halifax if you are interested in immigration history. All immigrants needed to pass through this port at Pier 22 before they could enter into Canada or the US. Now, there is a museum to show their history. Of course, if you are interested in the British Colonization of the Americas, there is a huge fort which took 28 years to build on the highest point of Halifax. They maintain the fort so it looks the same way it did in that time, and also they fire a cannon and change guards everyday. Many people rushed to get to the highest point to see this ceremony.

The guards in the fort are ready to change

The workers in the fort still march and wear traditional uniforms.

There are many big cannons in the fort

The flags at the port

Then we sailed south towards the Big Apple, New York City. On our way to the port, we could see the Statue of Liberty waving to us! Now, we are ready to enjoy this amazing city!

Here comes New York!

The Statue of Liberty we saw from Peace Boat.