[99th Cruise Report]Kokura Gion Daiko class


On the deck the sounds of Kokura Gion Daiko rings out, as every day around 30 enthusiastic passengers practice this ancient artform. Kokura Gion Daiko comes from the Kokura district of Kita-Kyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, and is noted for drummers beating in time to the rhythm of a bell called ‘Jangara’. Some of the participants have started taiko for the first time on this voyage, but confess that through their everyday practice, they can feel themselves getting better bit by bit, and are now working towards their big performance. But not just on the ship, the drummers have been performing in port like in the festival at the last port of call in Mexico. And yet the drummers continue to practice out on the open deck, as the sounds ring out across the sea.