[99th Cruise Report]Onboard Summer Festival


Onboard the Ocean Dream feels like summer, as we head towards our last port of call, Hawai’i. Fittingly, today was the day of the Onboard Summer Festival! On the deck, the children from the Onboard Montessori school showed off their omikoshi (portable shrines often displayed at Japanese festivals). With shouts of “wasshoi!” they paraded around the pool deck to the delight of all of the onlookers.


Here, we had a shaved ice eating competition. At the go sign, the competitors quickly began to gulp down the shaved ice.


Meanwhile in the Free Space, a photo contest was being held. Photographs that participants took over the course of the voyage were displayed according to category. Those who came to see were impressed by the quality of the photos, and were seen happily reminiscing on the ports they visited.


A fashion show also took place during the Onboard Summer Festival. Everyone wore their best yukata looks on the runway and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.


At night, many of the participants gathered in the Open Deck area. Here, participants had a chance to watch many traditional dance performances. The participants greatly enjoyed watching the performances, but it seems that the performers were having the most fun.


Finally, we can’t forget bon-odori, a Japanese summer festival staple. Even those who were unfamiliar with bon-odori steps had fun learning from other participants around them. All in all, the Onboard Summer Festival was a day full of laughter, as everyone aboard thoroughly enjoyed a full day of activities and events held around the ship.