[99th Cruise Report]Honolulu (Hawai’i)


The Hawaiian islands were formed through volcanic eruptions creating the islands as they are today, as well as the symbol of Hawai’i, Diamond Head, where we visited today. An extinct volcano now that erupted 300,000 years ago, the eruption created the crater that exists today. At a height of 232m, from the summit you can command a view of all of Honolulu, taking in all the sights of the city.


Many participants from Peace Boat visited Diamond Head, and everyone is aiming for the top!


On the way up the mountain, looking back affords you an arresting view of the landscape powerfully carved out by nature. Pushed on by encouragement from fellow travellers on the trail, it’s a surprisingly hard 40 minute 1.3km trek to the top.


At last we make it to the top! We’re rewarded with a breathtaking view where the sea, mountain, and city all blend into one. Across this global voyage we’ve often had the chance to see some fantastic views, and breathing in the fresh Hawaiian air is a good opportunity to look back on the voyage that was.


Back on the ship, it set sail and we held the final departure ceremony of the voyage. In all 23 ports of call we held departure ceremonies, and this one was the last. Participants were able to come together and reflect on the voyage, with many heartfelt speeches and memories. Next stop, Japan. With a tinge of sadness that the voyage is soon coming to an end, the ship left Honolulu and continued on its way.