[100th Cruise Report]Overcoming Borders through the Lense of a Camera, Iguchi Yasuhiro (Photographer)



Iguchi Yasuhiro, a professional photographer, joined us as a Guest educator from Yokohama. Since 2013, he has been working as a photographer for the Aotearoa Ainu Mosir Exchange Programme where he documents the exchange and interaction between Ainu and Maori people. Iguchi is currently based in Taiwan where he organizes solo exhibitions with one of his themes being “borders”. Today we displayed Iguchi’s photographs and had a talk show event. Many of the participants were photography lovers and could be seen entering the venue holding their favorite camera. “While traveling the world as a backpacker, I developed my themes of photography and borders little by little. For my work going forward, in a positive way, I do not want to limit myself solely to photographs. I would like to continue expressing myself and deepening my relationship with photography”, says Iguchi. His natural posture and soft appearance coupled with the importance he places on human connection creates a unique charm that envelops you.


After the event, his photographs were displayed on the stage and a solo exhibition was held. While standing on the stage Iguchi had a mellow demeanor but when he was standing in front of his work explaining his pieces, you could really feel his passion and how much he likes people. We plan to have various events and talk shows during the rest of his time on board. We look forward to hearing more about Iguchi’s amazing experiences including backpacking travel stories, visiting hard to reach indigenous communities, and many more!