[100th Cruise Report]First Live Erhu Performance – Ms. Zhang Yan (Erhuist)


Ms. Zhang Yan joined us on board from Buenos Aires. The Erhu is a traditional two-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow. It’s sound is softer than that of a violin and its characteristic sound is like that of a singing voice. Today is Ms. Zhang’s first live performance. Wearing a gorgeous dress, the bow dances across the strings as the gentle sound fills the venue.


From traditional Chinese music to intense up-tempo songs, you can enjoy the versatility and expressiveness of the erhu. Some people in the audience close their eyes and others sway their body side to side with everyone enjoying the sweet melody. There were calls for an encore from the audience as they burst into applause at the end of the performance. Ms. Zhang will be on board until Valparaiso and will also hold special sessions with the Ocean Dream onboard band, pianist and violinist. This exquisite music enriches are journey even further.