[100th Cruise Report]Valparaiso (Chile)



Under the beautiful morning sun, the Ocean Dream docked in its next port of call, Valparaiso in Chile. Called the “Valley of Heaven”, there are 45 hills dotted across the city, and in 2003 the city was registered as a World Heritage Site. Bathed in the morning sun, the city is a beautiful site to behold with the promise of another fantastic day ahead.


Valparaiso is known for its colourful cityscape, with artwork on the walls around the various streets in the city. More than 20 murals form what’s known as an open-air museum, taking around 1 hour to complete a full loop.


In the terminal where the ship was docked, the ship played host to Festival Chile Japon 2019, a culture festival hosted by the local Nikkei association. Here a number of booths showed off aspects of traditional Japanese culture including calligraphy, origami, kimono and Igo. More than 1000 people came to visit and enjoy the cultural displays.


As the ship left the port and set off into the darkness, the lights of the city shone like candles in the dark. With the lights tracing the lines of the hills and valleys of the city, this beautiful sight truly made the “Valley of Heaven” seem a fitting name for the city. From here the Ocean Dream’s time in South America comes to an end, and begins its journey across the Pacific. With only 1 month left in the voyage, the days are slipping by like grains of sand.