[100th Cruise Report]Onboard summer festival – Wasshoi


As the Ocean Dream makes its way across the South Pacific, under the bright sun in nearly 30 degree heat we held our onboard Summer Festival, called “Wasshoi”. With festive decorations, people wearing traditional Japanese clothes like yukata and jinbei, the whole ship was in a festival mood.


After spending the night decorating, Starlight Lounge on the 8th deck was transformed into a Haunted House. A long line of people formed outside as people stood trembling waiting their turn, listening to screams from inside. Eventually however everyone emerged with smiles on their faces.


Outside on Lido Deck under the hot sun another event was taking place. With a light cooling breeze, the stage was set for the Crushed Ice Speed Eating Contest. Although it should have been a competition of speed, everyone seemed to enjoy taking their time with the cool treats on such a hot day.


In the Dance Performances, 8 groups put their breathtaking results of all their hard work on show, all met with raucous applause.


As night fell, the sound of the wadaiko drums rang out and the Onboard Bon Dance began. With a range of people of different backgrounds and nationalities all dancing and singing together, it was impressive to see this group of people who had traveled around the world together all dancing with their new friends. It was a truly heartwarming to see this beautiful symbol of unity.