[101st Cruise Report]Staying Healthy Onboard – Yuan Qun


Staying Healthy Onboard – Yuan Qun
Professor of Endocrinology at Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine; Doctorate in Medical Science from Tohoku University


Guest Educator Yuan Qun is an expert in lifestyle-related metabolic diseases such as diabetes, gout, and obesity, and teaches people how through lifestyle changes they can make holistic changes to their life. With chronic disease on the rise, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle both on and off the ship.


In both China and Japan, lifestyle is increasingly the cause of much chronic disease, and understanding precisely what constitutes being healthy, and how chronic lifestyle-related diseases originate can be a tricky process. Yuan spoke about both how prevention of disease and upkeep of health can be achieved through moderate eating, exercise, non-smoking, moderate alcohol intake, and enjoying yourself! He finished his lecture by urging people to make the changes that they could, and by spreading the word about living healthily amongst passengers, this would lead to a healthier voyage for everyone.