[101st Cruise Report]Total Eclipse Observation


For the first time in Peace Boat cruise history, Peace Boat was able to observe a total eclipse onboard!


Total eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Sun, the Moon, and Earth is lined up straight and the Moon hides the Sun. The condition for observing this total eclipse was mainly over the South Pacific Ocean, and only parts of Chile and Argentina on land. As Peaceboat was sailing near the coast of Rapa nui, located in the middle of South Pacific Ocean, we were lucky enough to observe the eclipse.


Partial eclipse will start from 9:12AM. Participants slowly started to gather at the deck, holding a original eclipse glasses in their hand. This original eclipse glass has a date printed, which is also a perfect souvenir for this voyage.


Onboard the deck, there were special booths prepared to see the sun waning with telescopes or a spot to take memorial photos. As the sun starts to wane, the temperature also started to decrease. We all felt that the warmth we feel in our daily life is truly a dedication from the sun.


Right before the total eclipse, it became really dark and at 10:34AM, the total eclipse happened. People were cheering from the deck. Although it was a bit hazy, we were able to observe a solar corona (a light that appears around the darkened sun). The view was mystical with rays of light shining around the sun.


During the eclipse, it felt as though it was a night time. We were also able to observe Sirius (the Dog Star) which can be only seen at night. The sea horizon was colored in orange, as if it was a sunset.


As the sun started to show its figure, it suddenly started to become bright.


The time that elasped during the total eclipse was only 3 minutes and 50 seconds. It was a spectacular show in a blink. Passengers commented that ‘We were favored by a good weather, and it was really moving to see it happen,’, ‘I was really looking forward to this and I am happy that I was able to see it today,’. A total eclipse observation onboard for the first time in Peace Boat history. It became one of the special moment over the South Pacific Ocean, on South latitude 125.16, West longtitude 21.11, where the planets performed an amazing show.