[102nd Cruise Report]Onboard Sports Day



The weather is beautiful despite the concern that it might have rained today! The 102nd cruise onboard sports day has began under a sunshine. This was a happy surprise simply because everyone have been working long hours in getting this day ready.


Let’s warm up before the actual competition. Everyone is streching their body using the music from one of the popular onboard event ‘Rhythm exercise’. Then, different competitions were held in the morning.


Afternoon program starts from cheerleading competition. Starting off with Team Yellow, everyone in the team from different generations dance along their theme songs. Everyone is happy to perform moves they have been putting effort into.


Of all the competitions, one of the most popular game was the tug-of-war. Not only the participants but also the crowd was excited, cheering for their team. The sound of cheer saying, ‘GO! GO!’ was echoing on the deck while the participants straddled to keep the rope.


Another highlight of this game was that there was an exhibition match with the crew! It is a great way to communicate with them who is usually supporting our daily life onboard.


After all the competition has been completed, now it’s time for the results… All the scores from the judges are being calculated and 4 awards have been awarded. The team captain goes in front of the team to receive awards that were given. Everyone is bursting in cheers and celebrating their awards.


The winner is…Team Yellow!! As soon as it’s announced, the team exploded with joy and cheers! In the second place, was team Red, which was a close game. Team members gather around their captains who is tearing up and giving them hugs and warm words. This could only be done because they have been working as one team to prepare for this big day, and very heartwarming.


We can sure look forward to the rest of the voyage where we get to stay with people which you are more closer with. Good job everyone!