[103rd Cruise Report]Arrival at Bali Isand (Indonesia)


The Ocean Dream called at Bali Island in Indonesia. Traditionally dressed locals welcomed us with singing and dancing.

We joined an optional tour, “Visit to the Green School, the School in the Midst of Great Nature”. First and foremost, we headed to the eco-friendly resort hotel called “Bambu Indah” which is owned by Mr. John Hardy who is also a co-founder of the Green School.

This hotel, including its cottage, is built entirely with babmboo. The Green School we are visiting next has the same concept. You can already tell its greatness at the entrance.

Before taking a look around inside the hotel, we participated in a workshop to learn more about “Eco-Friendly” which is also the concept of this hotel. The workshop is…picking up trash!

Using this bamboo spear looking tool, we stab trash on the street and pick them up. When the first time the owner visited this place, there used to be a lot of trash. Now even guests of the hotel join and pick up trash too.

After we finished the workshop, it was about time we visited the hotel. As we passed through the entrance from erlier, we were surprised by the interior design of the hotel. You would not expect such an amazing interior design from just hearing “Eco-Friendly.”

Then we were taken to this building separate from the hotel. This place is also entirely built with bamboo.

Outside of the building there is a terrace with a great view, a chemical-free clean swimming pool, and an organic vegetable farm.

They offered us porridge cooked with the beans and vegetables from the farm.

Mrs.Cynthia Hardy, the co-founder of Bambu Indah,came to visit us. Starting with the story of how there was nothing here before construction of the building, she throughly shared stories about the process of consructing Bambu Indah, the reason for starting Green School, the carefully thought and kept concept, educational policy, management method, current challenges, and the goals for the future. The whole group of participants were intrigued by the stories and asked a lot of questions. Mrs. Cynthia said at the end, “Next time you come visit, please spend 2 or 3 days here. Then during your stay, listen to the surrounding birds and frogs and sound of wind and enjoy slowly being one with nature. Although it was a short time, I am thankful for you coming visit. Thank you.”

In the end, all the participants took a group picture together. I really want to stay and relax here next time I visit.