To the last frontier on earth – Antarctica, where beautiful blue and white scenery awaits: Part 2


A magnificent view on the Antarctic Peninsula

Travel further south from the South Shetland Islands and you will be able to see the Antarctic Peninsula. Almost the entire area is covered with glaciers, the altitude of which reaches about 2,000m. One of the representative landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula, the calm and beautiful natural harbor of “Paradise Bay,” is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, cliffs of ice, and various forms of icebergs. The experience of encountering such spectacular scenery at the most remote place of the earth surpasses any excitement of a lifetime.

Antarctica sightseeing from the ship. Under the blue sky, you can see the spectacular view right in front of you. The blue and white world is really beautiful…

Paradise Bay is sometimes called “the most beautiful bay on earth”. The magnificent panorama of blue and white surrounded by tranquility truly does justice to its name.

Finally going ashore on Antarctica. To step on the land of Antarctica and experience the vast nature that spreads out in the polar regions is something that goes beyond words.

An special souvenir is a stamp commemorating the landing at Antartica. It takes about 3 months to arrive at its destination, but it is still a joy to be able to send a letter from such a place.

Connecting the Earth’s Climate with the Future

Since the arrival of humans to Antarctica, various countries have entered this area. Along with the progress of science and technology, polar research, studies of the history of the earth, and observation of the earth in space are progressing too. On the other hand, there is also concern about the impact of human activity on the environment. The desolate sights dotted with abandoned bases are also evidence of the environmental burden left by humans. Mr. Mizumoto, who continues to photograph this area, said, “In Antarctica, you can see the wonderful scenery created by nature, but at the same time, please be aware that there is a real burden caused by humans. The most important thing is to know the beauty of Antarctica, and to pass it on to future generations”. Protected internationally by the Antarctic Treaty and the only country on the planet that doesn’t belong to any other nation, this is a place open to all people and a place to be preserved for the future.

The overwhelming nature, which goes beyond your wildest imagination, will be certain to nurture your interest in the current state of the Antarctic and the global environment.

A breathtaking view. The touching scenery that you can only see here spreads out.

This landscape of Antarctica could be seen as a baton to be passed on to the next generations.