Visit one of the greatest beauties of the world, Part 1


St. Petersburg, the capital of imperial Russia, was built by the city planning of Peter the Great, who laid the foundation for modernization of Russia. In the era of Catherine the Great the current Hermitage Museum was built, and Russian literature flourished on the basis of this, making it one of Europe’s leading art cities. The cityscape with its historic buildings is one of the most magnificent in Europe. This is a highlight of tourism in Russia, and also the city most visited by tourists. Embark on a journey to experience the beauty of St. Petersburg, full of culture and art and with countless attractions.

St. Petersburg is a treasure trove of beauty

St. Petersburg, the capital of the Romanov dynasty, was built around the Neva River as a “window open to the West”. The city is named after St. Peter, the patron saint of Peter the Great. Peter the Great’s ambition was to bring Russia, a developing country at the time, to the same level as the European powers, not only in national power but also in culture. It was Empress Catherine II who made that dream come true. She added a magnificent distance to her winter palace, displaying her collection of works of art and enjoying it as a private salon. This is the beginning of the Hermitage Museum, one of the world’s three major museums.

The main building, the Winter Palace, the Large Hermitage, the Small Hermitage, the New Hermitage, and the Hermitage Theater hold 3 million works of art, centered on the collection of Western art from each era. The building itself and the decoration inside the building are beautiful, and many tourists from all over the world visit to see the gorgeous interior and ceiling paintings that are luxurious in every detail. Russia is a country that requires visas for sightseeing, and it can take some effort and money to go by plane, but visitors taking optional tours on cruise ships are lucky enough to enter without a visa.