Shanghai, a vibrant and growing cosmopolitan city

Shanghai is a vibrant, fast-growing cosmopolitan city, full of sights to see. While it is surrounded by skyscrapers of futuristic design, the city still retains the traditional Shanghai landscape.

Yuyuan Garden is a classical farm garden with a history of over 400 years. It represents the garden architecture art of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Shanghai. It is separated from the rest of the city by the Dragon Wall, which features winding corridors and various types of flower windows, creating a harmonious combination of buildings, greenery, water and beautiful stones.

After strolling around the garden, we went to the surrounding Yuyuan Tourist Mart. This is also a very popular area for its traditional Shanghai atmosphere.

For lunch, how about a buffet-style restaurant where you can choose your favourite dishes? Although many of the dishes are rich in oil, you can also enjoy many vegetables, meat dishes, crab and various other kinds of food.

And when you think of Shanghai, you probably think of these. That’s right, xiaolongbao. When they are freshly made and still hot, they are dipped in a slightly sour soup and eaten. I envy the local people that can eat such delicious food everywhere they go!

A Shanghai beer with an eye-catching package. This is the recommendation of this restaurant, and it has a sweet and easy to drink taste!

Now that you’ve had your fill, it’s time to explore the city. There are many shops selling different types of traditional Chinese dresses, qipao. But it is rare to see anyone actually walking around in one – they are mostly bought as souvenirs.

The Waitan district, known for its beautiful night view, became known as ‘The Bund’ after the opening of Shanghai to the world under the Treaty of Nanjing, where trading companies, banks and other buildings from many countries were built and the district flourished to become known as the ‘Wall Street of the East’. Even after the opening up of China, the buildings were not destroyed and the city became the beautiful sight it is today.

On the other side of the river are futuristic skyscrapers. It’s strange to be able to compare the past and the future across the river, but visiting here you can feel how the city is loved by the people of Shanghai. While we were taking photos of the night view, some local young people came to talk to us and we could feel the warmth of the Shanghai residents.

PEACE BOAT, Matsuda Sakika