[102nd Cruise Report]Until We Meet Again! ~Farewell Ceremony~


From Singapore, to Xiamen, to Kobe, and then finally to Yokohama. Although the majority of participants will disembark in Kobe or Yokohama, a few will be ending their journey a little sooner in Singapore and Xiamen. To celebrate the end of the voyage, we held a Farewell Ceremony aptly titled “Until We Meet Again!” Participants who became friends onboard gathered at the event for a final farewell.


Two participants getting off early, and two participants getting off in Japan gave speeches at the event. One participant from Shanghai getting off in Xiamen, gave a speech about how they were finally able to join a voyage for the first time after learning about Peace Boat three years ago. They also mentioned that they appreciated not only being able to participate in fun activities such as Sports Day or the Dance Festival, but were also able to learn about themes such as peace, human rights, equality and environmental issues during the voyage.


Two participants, one from Japan and the other from Taiwan reflected on how they were able to become friends and forge a deeper relationship with one another through trying to learn each other’s language. Tears formed naturally in the eyes of the participants and many became emotional recounting good memories and dreading their final goodbyes. After the speeches, everyone continued to enjoy spending time together, exchanging contact information, and taking photos. The event was a success, and instead of being sad about saying goodbye, many were thankful for all of the time they were able to spend together over the past three months.


One of the final events onboard was the Farewell Ceremony hosted by the Captain. Participants disembarking in Singapore and Xiamen gathered one last time to hear the Ocean Dream’s official band play, as well as enjoy live taiko and dance performances. At the end of the ceremony, Peace Boat staff joined the stage to express their gratittude.


At night, was the final Party & Dinner event. Everyone dressed up in their best outfits to have a special meal together. For those disembarking in Singapore, it was their final dinner onboard. It was a day filled with gratitude for those we met on this journey; because it is never a farewell forever.