The 100th Global Voyage

December 26 2018 – March 31, 2019
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan / 96 days)

This voyage traverses the Southern Hemisphere to explore the awe-inspiring nature of Madagascar, South Africa, Bora Bora, Argentina, and more. Experience Africa’s rich natural heritage on safari in South Africa and among the vibrant flora and fauna of Madagascar. Enjoy the breathtaking view of hundreds of endlessly cascading waterfalls in Iguazú Falls. You will explore the world’s oldest desert, the white beaches of Bora Bora, and the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro. For an extra fee, join a special expedition to one of the least-explored corners of the world: the great continent of Antarctica.

Cruise Highlights

The island of Madagascar is an oasis, boasting an incredible diversity of plants and animals including the dancing sifaka lemur, the beautiful blue coua bird, and the black-and-yellow streaked tenrec. Most of this island’s wildlife can’t be found anywhere else in the world.
Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls stretches for three kilometres along the border of Brazil and Argentina, where the Iguazú River spills down from the Paraná Plateau. Faint rainbows of light and the crashing sound of over 200 waterfalls lend this place an otherworldly aura.
Upgrade your trip for an additional journey to the great wilderness of Antarctica. For centuries, the continent has attracted daring explorers and adventurers, and you’ll see why: its vast beauty, uninhabited plains, and scores of rare wildlife are impossible to resist.

17 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, Japan December 26
Kobe, JapanDecember 27
Xiamen , China December 31
SingaporeJanuary 5
Port Louis, MauritiusJanuary 15
Le Port, Reunion January 16
Ehoala, MadagascarJanuary 18 - 19
Port Elizabeth, South AfricaJanuary 22 - 23
Cape Town, South Africa January 27
Walvis Bay, Namibia January 30
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil February 9
Montevideo, UrugauayFebruary 13
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFebruary 14
Sailing through the Patagonia Fjords
Ushuaia, Argentina February 19 - 20
Valparaiso, Chile February 26
Rapa Nui/ Easter Island, ChileMarch 4
Papeete, TahitiMarch 13
Bora Bora Island, TahitiMarch 14
Apia, SamoaMarch 19
Sailing past the coast of Iwojima
Yokohama, Japan March 31
Kobe, Japan April 1

About Our Ship

Since its first voyage in 1983, Peace Boat has chartered a number of passenger ships to organize our voyages, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Our current ship, the Ocean Dream, was built in 1981 in Denmark, and has excellent facilities providing a unique and dynamic environment for the Peace Boat experience. Although it may look like a regular cruise from the outside, a Peace Boat voyage is very different from the traditional model.



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