Explore the north-dramatic landscapes and historic cities

The 94th Global Voyage

April 12 – July 25, 2017
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan / 105 days)

Breathe in the pure air and enjoy the tranquil and lush landscape of northern Europe up close as the ship sails through the fjords of Norway.
Experience all that Europe has to offer, from the ancient cities of the Mediterranean to the serenity of Scandinavia.Learn about local customs and visit ancient temples as you travel from Asia to Europe, and onward through North and Central America.

Cruise Highlights

Scandinavian Fjords
The Norwegian word 'fjord' means inlet, and during this cruise, you will be able to see with your own eyes the impressive scale of Norway's fjords, which were carved out of the earth by glaciers over thousands of years. Visit Sognefjord, which is one of the three largest fjords in the world. Enjoy the stunning scenery of sheer cliff faces and snow tipped mountains from the unique vantage point of a ship.
Europe's best season
Early summer is the best time of year to visit Europe, with its cool summer breezes and low humidity. Enjoy the long summer days and lush greenery of a continent in bloom. Use this perfect time of year for traveling to take in the breathtaking sights of 14 countries across both Southern and Northern Europe.
Panama & Suez Canals
One of the highlights of around the world cruise is passing through the Suez and Panama canals. The Suez canal, which links Europe and Asia, is one of the world's main shipping arteries. 193km long and flanked by the Arabian desert on both sides, it is the world's longest horizontal canal. Then, enjoy the experience of crossing from the Carribean into the Pacific as you traverse the 80km long Panama Canal. Spot Central America's wildlife in the lush jungle the canal cuts through, and enjoy the unique experience of passing through the canals locks. A truly unique experience not to be missed.

24 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, JapanApril 12, 2017
Kobe, JapanApril 13
SingaporeApril 21
Phuket, ThailandApril 23
Colombo, Sri LankaApril 27
Passing through the Suez Canal
Piraeus, GreeceMay 10
Cagliari, ItalyMay 13
Valencia, SpainMay 15
Porto, PortugalMay 18
Le Havre, FranceMay 21
Sailing on the River Seine
Rouen, FranceMay 22-23
Copenhagen, DenmarkMay 26
Riga, LatviaMay 28
Saint Petersburg, RussiaMay 30
Helsinki, FinlandMay 31
Tallinn, EstoniaJune 1
Stockholm, SwedenJune 2
Bergen, NorwayJune 5
Sailing through the Norwegian Fjords
Reykjavik, IcelandJune 9
Sailing through the Arctic Circle
Hamilton, BermudaJune 17
La Guaira, VenezuelaJune 21-22
Cristobal, PanamaJune 25
Passing through the Panama Canal
Corinto, NicaraguaJune 28
Acajutla, El SalvadorJune 29-30
Honolulu, USAJuly 12-13
Yokohama, JapanJuly 25
Kobe, JapanJuly 26, 2017

About Our Ship

Since its first voyage in 1983, Peace Boat has chartered a number of passenger ships to organize our voyages, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Our current ship, the Ocean Dream, was built in 1981 in Denmark, and has excellent facilities providing a unique and dynamic environment for the Peace Boat experience. Although it may look like a regular cruise from the outside, a Peace Boat voyage is very different from the traditional model.



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