The 101st Global Voyage

April 20 – August 1, 2019
(Yokohama, Japan - Yokohama, Japan / 104 days)

Sailing through the Seasons & Five Continents in 100 Days

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage in pursuit of the total solar eclipse. Along the way, you’ll see the mighty pyramids of Giza, commissioned by great pharaohs in search of immortality. You’ll visit Easter Island, where the enigmatic mo’ai stand to greet you. Soak up the sun on the picturesque beaches of Tahiti and Fiji, then sail by the Great Barrier Reef in beautiful Australia. The ship will travel to the South Pacific in July – a perfect position to view the total solar eclipse of 2019.

Cruise Highlights

Solar eclipse
One of the most breathtaking natural phenomena is the total solar eclipse. For a fleeting moment, the moon obscures the sun and completely blocks its light. The ship will travel to the perfect location to observe the eclipse on 2 July 2019.
Witness the extraordinary craftsmanship of the pyramids, the last-standing Ancient Wonder of the World. They were built to last forever, as the Ancient Egyptians believed they would protect the spirits of the pharaohs. Indeed, the 4000-year-old monuments are a testament to the lasting legacy and achievements of Ancient Egypt.
Easter Island
Though officially part of Chile, Easter Island is completely isolated: it lies 3,000 kilometres away from the mainland. Over 800 enigmatic mo’ai structures stand silently across the terrain, offering no clues about their origin or what happened to the once-flourishing Polynesian civilization that called the island home. Here, you can meet the descendants of the indigenous Rapa Nui people and hear the legends of this storied island.

21 Amazing Destinations

Yokohama, JapanApril 20
Osaka, JapanApril 21
Hong KongApril 25 - 26
SingaporeApril 30
Penang, MalaysiaMay 2
Passing through the Suez Canal
Port Said, EgyptMay 16 - 17
Santorini, GreeceMay 19
Piraeus, GreeceMay 20 - 21
Catania, ItalyMay 23
Valletta, MaltaMay 24
Motril, SpainMay 27
Tangier, MoroccoMay 28
Ponta Delgada, PortugalMay 31
New York, United StatesJune 7 - 8
Havana, CubaJune 13
Cartagena, ColombiaJune 17
Cristobal, PanamaJune 18 - 19
Passing through the Panama Canal
Rapa Nui/Easter Island, ChileJune 27
Observe a total solar eclipse
Papeete, TahitiJuly 6
Lautoka, FijiJuly 13
Brisbane, AustraliaJuly 18
Sailing past the Great Barrier Reef
Cairns, AustraliaJuly 21
Rabaul, Papua New GuineaJuly 24
Yokohama, JapanAugust 1
Osaka, JapanAugust 2

About Our Ship

Since its first voyage in 1983, Peace Boat has chartered a number of passenger ships to organize our voyages, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Our current ship, the Ocean Dream, was built in 1981 in Denmark, and has excellent facilities providing a unique and dynamic environment for the Peace Boat experience. Although it may look like a regular cruise from the outside, a Peace Boat voyage is very different from the traditional model.



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