Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage for Peace departs from Japan!

Peace Boat’s 92nd Global Voyage departed from Yokohama and Kobe, Japan and is on its way Singapore where it will depart on August 28. Participants departing from Japan were very excited as friends and well-wishers gathered to say goodbye and wish them “bon voyage!”.


The 92nd voyage set sail from Port Kobe on Aug. 21, 2016


Shortly before departure, a new logo on the side of Peace Boat’s vessel, Ocean Dream was unveiled. The 6m tall and 4.5m wide official United Nations Sustainable Development Goals logo on the side of the ship will be used to raise awareness of the goals as Peace Boat works for a sustainable future for all.


Peace Boat with the new official United Nations Sustaniable Development Goal logo painted on the side. 


The guest of honour at the departure ceremony in Yokohama was H.E. Mr. Marcos Fermin Rodriguez Costa, Ambassador of Cuba to Japan. He was there to wish the participants well on the 92nd voyage which is the first time for a Peace Boat voyage to visit both Cuba and the United States. Other highlights of the voyage will be visiting the cities of Europe and North America and appreciating the great beauty of nature as the ship sails through the Aurora Belt off the coast of Iceland and participants enjoy the northern lights.


Participants onboard are all ages and all backgrounds, each with their purpose for joining the three month voyage. Among the participants are 5 survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki who are joining as part of the Global Hibakusha Project. They will will be sharing their experiences and stories onboard and in ports as they call for nuclear abolition and a peaceful world.


Families and friends weaving goodbyes to their loved ones onboard! “See you in 104 days!”


There will also be many guest educators onboard the voyage including singers, artists, journalists, activists and university professors who will be giving workshops, seminars and lectures for participants to enable them to learn more about the countries they visit and new skills as they travel around the world. They are also looking forward to making new friends and new experiences.  After the departure from Kobe, participants gathered together for a toast led by Voyage Director- “Kampai!”.


A happy toast to the departure of the 92nd voyage onboard!


The 92nd voyage will return to Japan on November 30. For greater details, please refer to the full special report available on Peace Boat Website.