Watching the Northern Lights on Peace Boat! (92nd Voyage)


On the midnight of 10th October 2016, we were able to identify the green lights hiding inside a huge layer of clounds. Yet, we were all excited in seeing it again as the lights were smaller but way brighter than the lights showing days before.  Following the lead of our guest educator, professional photographer Mr. Shunya Mizumoto, who got onboard for giving lectures on photography and taking pictures of aurora, many passengers also got up the deck with their cameras. 



With huge expectations, we waited for an hour…right at the moment when the ship sailed out of the big layer of clouds, here we saw it – the stunning aurora belt up above our heads! The whole ship had been surrounded by the amazing northern lights and everyone were celebrating with laughers and praises. This amazing wonders of the world made us all speechless in expressing its beauty. 



The aurora was like a huge curtain moving by the wind, flying up above the sky overseeing the oceans. Deeply moved by this fantastic wonders of the universe, some even broke in tears. Witnessing this amazing wonder together would definitely be an unforgettable experience for every passengers onboard for this around-the-world sailing trip. This night, we were lucky enough to watch aurora together onboard for about 3 hours. What an amazing and romantic night!