The 92nd Global Voyage is back to Kobe!!!


Little by little, we are getting closer to our final destination, the Port Terminal of Kobe. After sending off half of the passengers at Yokohama the day before, the 92nd “Around-the-World” Cruise finally came back to Kobe after its 104-day journey.



Slowly, Ocean Dream enters the harbour of Kobe.



Lots of people are waiting excitedly at the pier, holding and waving the banner of “Welcome Home” to their beloved families and friends. A perfect scene to tell that Peace Boat is finally “home” after its long journey.



Passengers onboard are waving back hard to those who had come all the way to the pier, awaiting for their arrivals with warm hugs and cheerful laughters. After docking at its finaly destination of Kobe, the 92nd Peace Boat concluded its “Around-the-World” journey after visiting 25 ports of calls in the past 3.5 months.


“Goodbye and see you all again somewhere!”