The Ocean Dream docks in Port Louis, Mauritius.


On the 93rd Peace Boat Global Cruise, 

the Ocean Dream docked in Port Louis, Republic Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
Some local people came to the port, welcoming Peace Boat with rythemical music and dancing in colourful dress, called SEGA. SEGA is said to have originated with former African slaves and has
just been registered as part of the intangible cultural heritage of Mauritius.





Here in the bustling city,
Port Louis is becoming more popular due to appearabces on TV shows and in magazines.
Peopele are really energetic here!




In the market, there is a lot of fresh fruit.




You can also find craft shops in the market, as well as instruments, T-shirt with the extinct dodo bird on them, and much more.




After the market, this is the Place d’Armes along with Goverment House.




In 1830’s, the British government forced indian people to move to Mauritius as a new labour force 

and made contracts with them instead of Africans.
About 500,000 indian people worked for 90 years in sugarcane fields in Mauritius and other places around the Indian Ocean.
At the time, Aapravasi Ghat, the Mauritius’s first world heritage site,

was used as a quarantine station for them,

and it is now an important place that tells the history of this country.




What a vast sugarcane field!




A white sand beach, clear blue water, and a blue sky…
We enjoyed this beautiful view and had great time relaxing here.