93rd Voyage – The Onboard Sports Day, 1st Mar., 2017!!!


We are proudly in presenting you our biggest event onboard – the Sports Day!!! All participants are divided into 4 different color groups: Team White, Yellow, Red & Blue! Before the exciting day begins, let’s have our team leaders in taking the athletes’ oath for a fair and peaceful game. 



Making sure no one gets hurt during the game, let’s have the traditional radio exercise together!



Here it begins, the first game of the day is “Yes” or “No” quiz. The team with the last standing member wins the game and our first winner of the day is Team Red with 2 members staying till the end of the quiz! Congratulations!!!



The 2nd game of the day is “Ball into the Basket”. This is the Peace Boat style in having all participants sitting on the ground when they try to throw the balls into the basket. Yet, it doesn’t change the excitment of the game at all!



And the next game is “Passing the Ball”. First, participants need to pass the ball over their heads to the end while forming one single line. Once the ball reaches the last man on the roll, they will have to pass it back to the front by bending their waist and getting the ball from behind. This game is all about speed! You can see how anxious the girl looks in the front as she has no idea where the ball is now… 😛



Talking about team works, we can never forget to mention the “Rope Jumping”. In this game, each team has 2min’s time for getting the highest record of consecutive rope jumping. Jump, jump jump!



In celebration to the end of the first half of the day, we have our cheering teams’ performance. At this moment, we forget what team we belong to by enjoying the cheering performance for everyone regardless of team colors who worked so hard for the day so far! Thank you our lovely cheer-leaders!



To begin our 2nd half of the day, we have the cheering team performances from each teams. Yet, this is also another competition as by the end of day, the best cheering team will be awarded! Let’s welcome Team Yellow!



Here’s the turn of Team Red, hurray!!! Go Red Go Red, Go Red Go Red!



Congratulations Team Yellow! As they won in the game of “Let’s borrow it from others”. This is the game where the MC gives assignment to all teams as see which team can finish the first and the assigment was: “get me some candies” and Team Yellow has a member who has 6 candies inside his pocket! Wow, how surprising!



Last but not the least, here comes the “Tug-of-Peace”. Being the last game of the day, double points will be awarded to the winner. That’s the last chance to win the game of the day! S, just PULL!



Congratulations to Team Blue! They are the winner of the day! Yeah!!!



Such a memorial day for eveyone because it’s the day we put aside our ages and our nationalities, but to enjoy and participate in all the games together! That’s what we treasure about Peace Boat! Thank you everyone!