The lagoon cruising and Motu Lunch on the sea in Bora Bora. March 6th 2017.




The Ocean Dream sailed the Islands of Tahiti which is comprised of 118 islands.

The Bora Bora islands are said to be the most beautiful islands among the bunch.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs,it looks like a necklace and

those coral reefs contribute to the wonderful scenery of the island.





We went on a lagoon cruise and Motu Lunch optional tour.

Went on a small boat to go lagoon cruising.

Enjoyed a fresh sea breeze.





On Bora Bora island there is a Coral Garden that has numeros coral reefs.

The ocean with its high degree of transparency delights visitors.

There are many different species of fish.

People never get tired of looking at this beautiful scenery.





Afterwards we went on another spot to see rays and sharks.

They were very friendly and it was possible to swim with them and to touch them too.




The Sharks have been domesticated so they never attack people.



What comes to people’s mind when thinking about tropical sea are usually water cottages.

Many said they would like to stay there!




After the lagoon cruising we went to our Motu lunch.

Motu means “small islands” .

The wonderful thing is that those who live in Bora Bora, generally have their own island.





We finally had our long awaited lunch.

It was buffet style Polynesian cooking complete with grilled fish and meat,taro and coconut rice etc.




We use woven leaf plates for eating it.

The beautiful ocean made our lunch ever more delicious!




While we were eating lunch, fish swam around us and it made us really happy.




Throughout the day we enjoyed cruising,snorkeling and eating lunch in a fabulous place.

It was the most satisfying experience ever!