YUKATA-wearing class


Today, we had a self planned event/ a YUKATA- wearing class for upcoming onboard summer festival. Self planned event is what an event planned and organize by the passenger in the ship. Those events include sports, dance, handicraft, as well as an association of people from the same prefecture, etc..



Moe who is the planner of this event has been studying Kitsuke(Kimono/Yukata dressing training) in Japan. She explains carefully the name and how to use the tools for Kitsuke. “Lets try the Bunko-musubi*, today.” she says, and teaches us the basics of how to tie the Obi.

*Bunko-musubi knot is a kind of Obi-musubi (a style of tying obi [sash]) for Furisode (a Kimono with long sleeves).




The participants are learning seriously and trying hard to tie their Obi. The summer festival will be a colorful event. Can’t wait !!