Japanese Culture class


In 94th cruise, we have passengers of various nationalities; Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Venezuelan… To share our Japanese culture with them, we have held the event of “Kitsuke/Sado” ! Kitsuke is the art of wearing a kimono. And Sado is a traditional tea ceremony in Japan.



As it happens, we have found a teacher of Sado in this cruise!! With a support of the teacher, we perform the tea ceremony. With people wearing Yukata or Kimono, we feel like we are in Japan! Thanks to those who have come to help dressing Yukata of Kimono, the site has turned so beautiful and colorful.



Most of them say, “This is my first time to wear Kimono”, and they start taking photos. After we hear the history and tradition of Sado given by the teacher, we see the actual performance, “Temae(The act of making a tea)” then we taste Matcha, the green tea.



They try to hear carefully about Sado through the translator. Sometimes, they ask enthusiastically, “Why it is not acceptable to step on the edge of a Tatami(straw mat)?” or “Why do we twirl the bowl before we drink?”. Everything is new for them.



Now it is the time to taste Matcha with Youkan(Japanese sweet bean paste jelly)!! Some of us feel worried that “It may taste bitter for them…” , but then we hear a lot of “Oishii!(Tasty!)”. Everybody is smiling, which has brought more happy atmosphere. We start to teach them how to drink with gesture, or take some photos together.



Sometimes, it is difficult to communicate with people who speak different language, but we have become closer by introducing own culture to each other. It has become a very heart warming cultural exchange event , sharing a thought like “I want to know more about you” .