Entertainment Show


An “Entertainment Show” took place onboard where participants showed off their
talents such as dance, Shamisen (Japanese three-stringed guitar), comedy duo,
harmonica, flute, hula, ocarina, singing and more!
The show starts with a dance group that has gathered and practiced a lot for the
show, and it gets the crowd going.



This lady sings a song of a famous movie with a beautiful voice, followed by big
applause from the audience.



This duo, who just met a couple of days before the show, play Shamisen together
in perfect harmony.



The audience is also so fascinated by the beautiful sound of ocarina and guitar
played by the duo.



The BMX performance is so exciting that big cheers fill up the venue, and the
audience is amazed by the high performance.



Next up the Nanjing ball blind, a traditional Japanese performance creating
different shapes with a small bamboo screen while singing along, gets more
applause from the eager audience.



When the curtain closed on the show, the audience was on its feet, and all the
participants glowed with satisfaction.