Stop at Crete Island (Greece)


Sep 15, 2017

Peace Boat docks at the Greek island of Crete. The largest island in Greece, Crete is a popular tourist
destination dotted with ancient ruins and beach resorts.



Participants board a bus for the Mionian palace of Knossos, the largest Bronze Age ruins on Crete, and
supposedly the birthplace of European civilization.



While the ruins are in poor repair, we can see some repairs and reconstruction.
According to Greek legend, the palace of Knossos was a labyrinth constructed by the pontifex King
Minos, who is said to be descended from Zeus. The palace was long believed to be a myth, until a British
archaeologist discovered the remains on Crete.



True to its name, the labyrinth of roads had participants walking back and forth, turning back from dead
ends until they finally made it through to the old town.



Adults sit in the tranquil Eleftheria Square chatting away as kids whizz by on their skateboards.



We continue on to Lions Square and the Morosini fountain which dates back to 1628, though the lions
themselves are said to be from the 14th century.



Finally, participants are taken aback by the majestic St Minas Cathedral.



Just as in Piraeus yesterday, we were blessed with friendly locals on Crete, and beautiful weather to top off a splendid day.