95th Highlights: Sports Day – 1st half

November 7th, 2017

Sports Day opened with a warm-up before getting into games. It was such a refreshing feeling to do warming-up exercises under the blue sky surrounded by the beautiful ocean. Now let’s enjoy the long-awaited Sports Day! 


The first game of the event was “carry a ball” game. Participants dressed in their team color, and loud cheers from each team echoed on the deck.


The next game is a must of sports day, a ball toss game, in the Peace Boat style – participants all sitting on the floor to play the game.


“Good job!” heard the cheering voice of two happy team mates.


The last game in the morning is a long rope jumping game. It’s a bit hard for everybody to jump at the right timing, but all the teams did pretty well showing the result of practice, and one team even jumped more than 10 times.


The first half ended in an exciting atmosphere.