95th Highlights: Summer Festival

10th Sep 2017

Today the Ocean Dream is even livelier than usual with people dressed up in traditional Japanese Yukata and Jimbei for the onboard Summer Festival.


The children’s festival took place in the morning with yo-yo fishing, live storytelling, and hoop throwing. 


The adults enjoyed such summertime activities as a soda-drinking and balloon popping contests. The crowd really got behind competitors of the shaved-ice eating competition. 


There was even a haunted house onboard! The realistic props were not for the faint hearted and were sure to send a chill down your spine. 


As the day wore on to night, groups took the stage performing songs and traditional Japanese dances, and world champion entertainer Chang-Haeng impressed all with his juggling show. 


Next up participants took to the stage dressed in their beautiful Yukata and Kimono for the Yukata-show. All sorts of designs and colors were met with applause and cheers from the crowd. 


To wrap the festival up, everyone made a large circle to perform the Bon-odori dance, a staple of every summer festival in Japan. Everyone was smiling as we finished off a pleasant, peaceful day onboard.