95th Highlights: I am a war refugee

23rd Sep. 2017

Jasna Bastic became a refugee after fleeing fighting in her home town Sarajevo during the war that ravaged Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-95. Currently working as a journalist, Jasna talked about her ordeals during and after the war. One day soldiers wielding guns appeared on the street corner, and our days of peace were taken away.” Former host of the Olympics, the beautiful town known for its peaceful multicultural society was besieged by the Serbian army. “We hid underground for safety, risking our lives while dodging sniper bullets to go out and get food and water. Many people were killed, and the fields were turned into cemeteries.” Later, Jasna would flee the country in order to raise money to support her family. She had no idea when she would meet her family again, but like so many people in Sarajevo, she never gave up hope no matter the circumstances. Looking at photos of the beautiful city, followed by scenes from the brutal war, it is hard to believe this all happened just 22 years ago.

Watching Jasna smile as she told us her life story made us realize just how important it is to work for peace.