95th Highlights: Global University Report: Asia through our eyes

9th Sep. 2017


The Peace Boat Global University aims to foster a global awareness through seminars, lectures, and programmes in port, deepening students’ understanding of international society and the world at large.

Today, students of the Global University are reporting back on what they learnt, thought and felt through the Asia section of the voyage, visiting China, Singapore, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.




They also conducted mini workshops to let participants experience the anxiety and confusion of not knowing one another’s cultures. “In order to understand each other, it is important to create opportunities to interact directly, and learn about different cultures and history.” Students got to experience a variety of things, from learning the history of Japanese occupation of Singapore to mingling with locals in Myanmar. “The only thing we can do is share what we felt in these places”, the students report.



After visiting four ports, meeting many people and learning about the history and cultures, students found their desire to learn about more different countries has only grown.




The report session was a chance to “realize the importance of both input and output, and the need to share ideas with more people.” Students plan to deepen their understanding through self-organized events in the upcoming weeks.