95th Highlights: My life as a migrant – from China to Argentina

5th Sep. 2017


Julia Jiang joined from Colombo, Sri Lanka to talk about her life as a migrant. Originally from Shandong Province, China, she now lives in Spain where she is involved in various activities bridging the countries of China and Spain. “My first memory of childhood is the feeling of hunger.” The participants carefully listed to the story of her harsh childhood. Her story goes back to the time of the Chinese Civil War in 1945, when her grandfather decided to leave for Taiwan as he felt his life in danger, then he fled to Argentina later. Julia and her family migrated to Argentina in 1983 to be with her grandfather.



“It was not easy to get our passports at all, and it took us 4 years” says Julia. Life in Argentina after all the struggle was not affluent, but they had a happy life together making the most of what they had. She closed her lecture with strong messages to the participants. “Chances will come to those who are ready. You will surely succeed if you make enough effort.” There was a lot to learn from the way she had overcome obstacles in her life.