95th Highlights: PANIC ART

3rd Sep. 2017

A spectacular juggling show “Panic Art” is taking place for 3 days by worldwide performer Chang-Haeng, who joined Peace Boat from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Chang-Haeng is a unique entertainer who puts juggling and dance performances together with incredible skills and a sense of speed. He’s won various performance contests and performed in 66 countries and areas.

All of his 4 shows were standing room only, and big applause echoed through the venue when Chang-Haeng got on stage. “I always try my very best whenever I perform”. His performance was just as spectacular as he promised.

Chang-Haeng’s eye-catching performances conjured rounds of applause from the audience, and cheers of “Awesome!” echoed. As the show ended, lots of audiences gathered around him to say how much they were overwhelmed by his performances!