95th Highlights: Breakup of Yugoslavia, through a perspective of football

2nd Sep. 2017

Mr. Yukihiko Kimura, author of “Triptych of the soccer stories in Yugoslavia”, has been giving lots of coverage on the situation of the former Yugoslavia through a perspective of soccer. In his lecture today, he showed a movie of the former head coach of the Japan national team, Ivica Osim, emphasizing the dark side of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, and talked about the situation of the area that Peace Boat would soon be arriving in. The audiences were carefully listening to his talk on how the former Yugoslavia took its way to the breakup.

He also showed another movie of Mr. Osim and explained why he’d been focusing on soccer to understand the situation of the former Yugoslavia, and how he’d been trying to draw attention to the former Yugoslavia in Japan. “Soccer balls can be what connects people to people in any place, anytime, however, at the same time, weapons only separate everything. Conflicts continue to exist in many areas over the world today.” said Mr. Kimura. By knowing the conflicts and history of Croatia and Montenegro, we could see a different side of the areas that are usually known as tourist spots.