[98th Cruise Report]Experience Taiwanese Traditional Temple Culture


Tonight was the final performance of Na-Cha FOLK&ARTS TROUPE (哪吒劇坊). They performed many times on board and taught many cultural classes, including Taiwanese Taiko, experiencing Lion Dance, and Electric-Techno San Tai ZI Dance. All the participants – no matter from which country they came from – enjoyed their performances and classes.

In their last performance they brought us Ba Jia Jiang. They ended the show with a bang!

Taiwanese traditional performance— Ba Jia Jiang

Taiwanese Taiko performance

Electric-Techno San Tai ZI Dance with modern style

The participants taking pictures with Electric-Techno San Tai ZI

Taiwanese traditional performance— Lion Dance

The group leader, Mr. Gao Yuan Han described Taiwanese temple performances as just like a Chinese Disneyland. Disney has Snow White, and the Little Mermaid, but we have Lion and Dragon Dance, and Electric-Techno San Tai ZI.

Natajintogekibou has been on board for more than 20 days. They interacted with many participants and let everyone experience Taiwanese culture though practices and performances.

Taiwanese Taiko classes

Experience Lion Dance

Experience Electric-Techno San Tai ZI