[98th Cruise Report]Let Kumagorou Show You the Life Onboard

On this voyage, there are more than 70 days on the sea. How can we spend our time onboard? Many people might worry it will be really boring, but the answer is not at all. This time we can follow the panda doll, Kumagorou as he sees life onboard. Kumagorou is the best friend of one of the passenger, Tamie. They travel together and Tamie makes new clothes for him with each country’s flag before we reach each port.


Wake up early in the morning! Ready for a new day.

Watching the sunrise on the deck

At 6 o’clock in the morning, we go to taichi class to work out a little bit.

There are many lectures and events including those held by various guest educators and self-organized projects by passengers

Playing mahjong with new friends beside the ocean

Enjoying the view of the ocean with afternoon tea

Enjoying the sun on the deck

Doing yoga

Daydreaming beside the ocean. Sometimes we see whales and dolphins saying hi to us.

Sunbathing beside the pool

Watching the sunset with everyone.

Time to have dinner!

After dinner we go to the ship’s Izakaya, Namihe to have a drink

There are many special events onboard, including Sports Day, the Masquerade, the Music Festival, dance parties and so on.

Before we reach each port we can register for optional tours at the optional tour desk.

Join the tour and have fun!