[98th Cruise Report]The Colours of Malaysia and Singapore

July 2nd.

This is the first time we have so many participants from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand on Peace Boat. In order to introduce more about their culture, they held a big event, “The Colours of Malaysia and Singapore”.

Introducing Malaysian culture

Introducing Singaporean culture


Besides introducing their history and food, they also performed many local songs in Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese.

Participants singing the songs

Inviting Thai participants to dance in a song, Loy Krathong, which means “Festival of Lights”

Lastly, they performed the song “We are the world” and invited all the audience to sing along with them. They sang this song to represent the diversity of passengers on Peace Boat. Now we are gathered together here and we are the world.

The highlights of the performance with a song called “Rasa Sayang Eh” (Feelings of Love)
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