[98th Cruise Report]Summer Festival- Blue Ocean Festival

Aug 3rd

When it comes to summer, there is always a big festival in Japan. Even though we are on the ocean, we still didn’t want to miss it. Let’s celebrate together!

The festival is called “Blue Ocean Festival”! We hope everyone had a great day.

The opening performance was led by Chris, a passenger from the US. The group played taiko for us.

The second performance was a souranbushi dance, a dance about fisherman.

In Japan, people wear yukata when they attend summer festivals, and we can borrow yukata on Peace Boat!

Besides the performances, we also had several small events! For example, the haunted house.

Ready to go into the haunted house.

We also had a lot of traditional games.

Photo Competition

We had a lot of snacks, like cotton candy

In the afternoon, we also had a shaved ice eating competition and a yukata fashion show.

We invited the winners of a past Peace Boat shaved ice eating competition to participate

Get ready for the competition!

The yukata fashion show

A group photo

At night, at the end of the festival, we enjoyed an Okinawa eisa dance.

And then, it was our turn to dance to four different songs. One of the songs was led by a Chinese passenger, Ms. Peng. They were simple songs, so everyone could join us!