[99th Cruise Report]Introduction to Xiamen


Before arriving to Xiamen, an event was held on board to share pieces of information and facts about the city. Special guest 袁群 was on hand to introduce various landmarks and special foods of the area, and many people took lots of notes for hints on how to enjoy the city!

During this visit to Xiamen, we joined the eco tour to learn about protecting the mangroves in Xiamen. This programme was held as part of Peace Boat’s educational activities, to learn about the environment and how we can work to protect it together.

After strolling through the city centre, we were met with a representative of the China Mangrove Conservation Network, CMCN. We enjoyed local foods including seafood and dumplings together, then headed to the Zhangjiangkou Mangrove National Nature Reserve. Upon arrival at the research and education centre, we could hear a lecture regarding the organisation’s activities to conserve the area’s mangroves.

Following the presentation, the Peace Boat participants then entered the mangrove forest itself, where we were moved by the precious nature there, as the habitat of many living creatures. As well as walking through, we also boarded small boats to view the mangroves from the outside as well, and had the chance to encounter crabs and even white herons. A participant smiled and shared that “this was such a precious experience, where we could learn many things and have a very meaningful time.”

Once it came to set sail from Xiamen, the twinkling lights of the port city bid farewell to Peace Boat, as we departed to head for the next port, Singapore.