[99th Participant Introduction] Mr Li Kwun Yeung

Participant Introduction
Mr Li Kwun Yeung (From Hong Kong, 29 years old)

Why did you join Peace Boat?

I am working on a ship, but I have never travelled around the world. I decided that I really wanted to do this, and so I decided to join the voyage. I chose this voyage because the timing worked well for my work, and it also included both the Aurora Northern Lights area and passing through the Suez Canal. I learned about Peace Boat through Facebook.


What port are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to going to Iceland. I have heard that it is a very environmentally friendly country with developments in geothermal energy, and so I look forward to seeing this with my own eyes. I am also looking forward to going to different ports in Europe. I think that European history and systems have an influence around the world, and that their modern culture is also at the cutting edge in many ways. I look forward to visiting first hand.


How do you enjoy yourself onboard?

It is fun learning Japanese language. I join Japanese language classes, and enjoy speaking Japanese with my new friends from Japan on the ship! I don’t have a chance to use Japanese in my work, so I want to learn as much as I can on the ship. Also, Peace Boat staff Kawasaki Akira’s lectures left a big impression on me. It was a chance to really question the meaning of peace and war.


What are you looking forward to from now?

I am looking forward to seeing the Aurora, and also visiting the UN Headquarters in New York. I also want to try many new challenges on board the ship, without being embarrased!