[99th Cruise Report]Sailing Through the Suez Canal


The Ocean Dream has finally arrived at one of this voyage’s main sightseeing attractions, the Suez Canal! Despite it being early morning, many people gathered on the decks to get a glimpse of the Ocean Dream passing through the canal. The ship glides slowly through the Suez Canal, which is sandwiched between the Sinai Peninsula and the continent of Africa.


“Say cheese!” Passengers take photos to commemorate passing through the Suez Canal. This is definitely a special photo you can only take when traveling by sea!


An onboard barbeque event was held as the ship passed through the Suez Canal. Everyone enjoyed the barbecue with their new friends. The onboard barbecue boasted a wide range of grilling choices–meats, seafood, vegetables and more! Everyone smiled for the camera. “Super fun!” “So delicious!”


By lunch, the ship had passed by the Egyptian-Japanese Peace Bridge, which was built by Japan’s ODA. The bridge represents Japan and Egypt’s friendship as well as symbolically ties both sides of the river together. As the Ocean Dream passed under the bridge, cheers erupted fron onboard. The ship is making its way through the Suez Canal, and is heading towards the next port-of-call, Greece.